Korchma kachka


Warm veal salad 145 ₴
(A large salad of fried veal fillet, salad mix, Dor Blue cheese on a pillow of vegetables with French sauce)
Thai salad 120 ₴
(spicy grilled veal salad with fresh vegetables and Thai dressing)
Duck salad with sweet and sour sauce 175 ₴
(whole duck leg with mix salad and sweet pepper)
Caesar salad" 120 ₴
Roquefort Cheese Salad 150 ₴
(freshly fried turkey fillet on a salad mix with apples under pomegranate dressing)
Salted Salmon Salad 155 ₴
(salad mix with tomatoes, parmesan, rye toast with mustard dressing)
Coleslaw and Cucumber Salad 79 ₴
Vegetable bed 95 ₴
(seasonal vegetable salad seasoned with homemade oil)
Greek salad" 95 ₴
(fresh vegetables, olives, feta seasoned with olive oil and oregano)
Baked beetroot carpaccio with soft cheese, arugula in olive oil 99 ₴
Sicilian Salad 120 ₴
(salad with arugula, prosciutto, mozzarella, cherry with olive oil