Cossack Snack

Spillage to a rich table 130 ₴
Pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, cabbage and hot peppers with pickled garlic
Forest mushrooms 145 ₴
Pickled mushrooms and butter with ssch
As the cossacks thought for three 240 ₴
Meat appetizer: lard with garlic, undercuts, peasant sausage, chicken neck, black pudding, serve with garlic and hot pepper
Fat .. it is fat 110 ₴
Salted and smoked bacon with homemade bread, garlic and mustard
Father's house 175 ₴
Cold boiled pork roasted with garlic and carrots
Language will lead to kiev 160 ₴
Roasted veal tongue with spices, cucumber and mayonnaise
Rural spirit 115 ₴
Pancakes with meat and sour cream
Fishing lies 225 ₴
Salted salmon with potato pancakes
By the pike command 380 ₴
Pike caviar seasoned with olive oil and onions, with butter and toast
Pansky habits 395 ₴
Red caviar with butter on toasts
Zaporozhets to the danube 110 ₴
Herring with onions and potatoes
Kurkul fair 220 ₴
Assorted camembert, rhodomer, dar blue, mozzarella suluguni cheese with nuts, honey, pear and grapes