We invite you to dumplings! (Flour products)

Dumplings with meat and sour cream 125 ₴
Dumplings with potatoes and sour cream 110 ₴
Staroukrainian dumplings with stewed cabbage 110 ₴
Dumplings with salted cottage cheese and sour cream 110 ₴
Dumplings with sweet cottage cheese and sour cream 110 ₴
Cherry Dumplings with Cherry Gravy 110 ₴
Dumplings with poppy seeds and sour cream sauce 125 ₴
Raisins and nuts
Placinda 125 ₴
With feta cheese and greens
Pita bread with suluguni, herbs and tomatoes 115 ₴
"Loaf -man" 30 ₴
Bread basket: two white buns and Borodino bread