Salads from grandma gapushi

Kumanec 190 ₴
Chicken hammers with vegetables, with a salad of potatoes, green mix, tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers, with homemade oil
Delicious dinner 185 ₴
Aryach salad of fried pork, ears of corn, pepper, carrots and onions in tomato sauce
Forest meadow 125 ₴
Warm mushroom salad with tomatoes, onions and herbs
Rural notions 180 ₴
Fried mushroom salad and topping, cherry tomatoes, green mix, cheese, eggs and croutons with mustard sauce
Enchantress 165 ₴
Salad of tongue, veal, smoked meat, mushrooms, tomato, pickles and potatoes in mustard sauce with crimean onion and herbs
Grandfather opanas's favorite salad 165 ₴
Salad of chicken meat, green mix, quail eggs, fresh mushrooms, peppers, cherries, stalks of celery and cheese with mayonnaise sauce
Olivie 110 ₴
Salad of chicken, eggs, boiled potatoes, carrots, pickles, fresh peas with mayonnaise sauce
Red root 120 ₴
Salad of chicken, apples, carrots, stalk of celery, green mix, pumpkin seeds, nuts and raisins with honey sauce
Fur coat from the ladies' shoulder 97 ₴
Salad of herring and boiled vegetables with egg in mayonnaise sauce
Generous pan 185 ₴
Salad of salted salmon, green mix, arugula, cherry tomatoes, sweet pepper, celery cucumbers, grapefruit with olive oil and soy sauce
Tarasovaya mountain 89 ₴
Salad of uncooked potatoes, carrots, beets, beans, green peas, pickled mushrooms and cucumbers with tulka and crimean onion
They were healthy 95 ₴
Salad of beets, apples, pulp of orange, prunes and nuts in honey sauce
Gapusin city 125 ₴
Cauliflower, green mix, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, green beans and olives in mushroom sauce
Hutsul 125 ₴
Vegetable salad with feta cheese, olives and croutons