Strawberry velvet 129 ₴
Maximum strawberries in one cake. strawberry crumb, strawberry biscuit, strawberry marmalade, strawberry ganache, cream cheese philadelphia.
Chocolate orange cake 115 ₴
Juicy porous chocolate sponge cake soaked with orange fresh and cointreau with chocolate earth, orange confit, cream cheese philadelphia
Olive citrus cake 129 ₴
Cakes based on young olive oil, passion fruit impregnation, confiture from oranges, limes, lemons, kumquats with pine nuts, cream cheese.
Chocolate bourbon 119 ₴
Chocolate biscuit soaked in bourbon, chocolate-cream mousse, almond crispy shtreisel (like crumbs), fried swiss meringue.
Raisochki napoleon 300 ₴
Raisa is a pastry chef who has been working with us since the opening of make my cake. napoleon - 16 ruddy finest cakes, custard, pistachio crumbs and walnuts.
Iconic carrot almond 125 ₴
Sponge cakes based on almond flour, carrots, cinnamon and zest orange. cream cheese philadelphia and mascarpone, pickled pear with bergamot, milk powder, flax chips and fresh grapes.
Chocolate curd brownie 65 ₴
A classic pie made of 60% dark chocolate, inside greek nuts, cheese filling and icing from the same 60% strong. 70 grams 65uah.
Salted caramel cheesecake 115 ₴
Cheeses philadelphia and mascarpone, the basis of crumbs of caramelized cookies, a layer of salted caramel, hazelnuts, chocolate earth, almond struzel, gold dust.
Greek yogurt cheesecake 95 ₴
Philadelphia and mascarpone cheeses, a base made from crumbs of caramelized cookies, a layer of greek yogurt with vanilla