Bachelor party 89 ₴
Potato frying pan with cutlet
Dad's potato pan 109 ₴
With veal, cream and barrel tomatoes
Builders potato frying pan 74 ₴
With garlic, bacon, onions and sandwiches (lard, feta cheese)
Potato for majors 109 ₴
With Moscow sausage, two eggs and Dutch cheese
Mom's potatoes in butter 95 ₴
Straws with sausages and egg
Potato Cheese Pan 99 ₴
Dor blue, mozzarella, suluguni, hard cheese
Pan of potatoes, as in a hostel 46 ₴
With onions or garlic
Eggs-12, mushrooms-18, sausages-28, tomatoes-16, mozzarella-23, dor blue-26, cheese-22