Hot and hall. snacks

Fries 95 ₴
Suluguni cheese (200g), breaded in breadcrumbs, mint (250g). served with sweet and sour sauce (30g)
Thai wings 135 ₴
Crispy chicken wings in thai sauce, basil (250g). served with french fries (100g) and bbq sauce (30g)
Fried shrimp 230 ₴
Fried shrimps in tomato-thai sauce (300g). served with homemade bread (150g)
Mussels 165 ₴
Shell mussels fried in spicy or creamy sauce (500g), lemon. served with homemade bread (150g)
Peanut 75 ₴
Salted nuts in a felix tin can
Pure 85 ₴
Vegetable mix 85 ₴
Fresh cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, celery stalk, bell peppers, dill (380g). served with pesto sauce (30g)
Prosciutto 95 ₴
Dried pork ham
Cold cuts 215 ₴
Bavarian sausages, spicy salami, baked chicken breast, smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes, basil (350g), bbq sauce (30g)
Cheeseboard 220 ₴
Blue cheese, suluguni, radomer, parmesan (200g). served with slices of orange, apple (200g) and honey (30g)