Olio picca

Lean dishes

Salad of apples, celery, grapes, prunes, raisins 95 ₴
And nut crumbs with lime and mint sauce
A fresh vegetable salad 76 ₴
Baked potato, celery stalk with homemade butter and Borodino bread croutons
Caramelized apple 90 ₴
With dried apricots, walnuts and honey, served with sorbet and sea buckthorn
Ravioli with potatoes and mushrooms 68 ₴
With green peas, green beans, Crimean onion and cherry
Buckwheat noodles 95 ₴
With vegetables
Braised cabbage 65 ₴
With mushrooms, prunes and walnuts
Potato gratin 86 ₴
With tomatoes and mushrooms in a lean cream sauce
Lean Brownie 73 ₴
With strawberry sauce
Homemade potato 73 ₴
With champignons, pickled oyster mushrooms, onions and garlic
Potatoes with mushrooms 67 ₴
And lean creamy mushroom sauce
Calzone Pizza Vegetable 117 ₴
Potatoes, fried champignons, broccoli, bell pepper, tomatoes, gherkins, Crimean onions, Solo Pomadoro sauce
Tomato and vegetable soup 74 ₴
From potatoes, red beans, lentils, celery stalks, corn with chili pepper and cilantro
Spinach Soup 86 ₴
And porcini mushrooms
Beetroot Salad 57 ₴
Prunes, walnuts and raisins, with orange-balsamic sauce
Hummus 65 ₴
With beets and mushrooms
Bruschetta with red beans, 67 ₴
Blanched tomatoes and cilantro