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Desserts \ cheesekeys

Caramel cheesecake 145 ₴
Sandwich-based baked philadelphia cheese cheesecake with caramel and caramelized peanut crumbs / 175 g
Classic cheesecake with berries 165 ₴
Baked philadelphia cheese cheesecake, sand-based, with sour cream filling and fresh berries per season / 200 g
Pistachio cheesey 145 ₴
Baked philadelphia cheese cheesecake, sand-based, with natural pistachio paste, sour cream filling and caramelized pistachio crumbs / 175 g
Cake pearl terraces 195 ₴
Exclusive cake from pastry chef synergy sweets. airy japanese sponge cake with layers of delicate cream from mascarpone cheese and a filling of mango-passion fruit puree, without added sugar / 180 g
Cake kievsky 145 ₴
Light meringue cakes with a thick butter cream and a mixture of four nuts: peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and cashews / 140 g
Nutella kake 145 ₴
Juicy chocolate cakes with layers of nutella and cream cream cheese, in dark chocolate glaze / 170
Banana cake 147 ₴
Banana sponge cake with japanese cheesecake and a layer of cream with the addition of bananas in caramel and walnut / 180 g
Honey and sour cream cake 98 ₴
Tender honey cakes with layers of homemade sour cream / 180 g
Napoleon classic 95 ₴
The thinnest puff pastry cakes with tender custard / 200 g
Napoleon salted caramel 95 ₴
The original combination of puff pastry cakes with tender custard and salted caramel / 200 g
Cottage cheese casserole 145 ₴
Tender casserole from home-made cottage cheese with raisins, free of flour and sugar. served with cranberry sauce and sour cream / 200/30/15 g
Creme brulee 85 ₴
Creamy souffle with caramelized cane crust / 130 g
Panna-cotta 95 ₴
Italian creamy dessert with berry sauce / 170 g
Čia puding 147 ₴
Nutritious chia seeds in coconut milk with mango and passion fruit puree. sugar free / 130 g
Tart lime 95 ₴
Sand cream with burnt french meringue on a sand base / 170 g
Macarons 35 ₴
Airy french almond meal delicacy, with tender cream-based filling / 30 g