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Pasta and wok

Paels 460 ₴
National spanish dish cooked with fresh seafood according to an old recipe straight from valencia. serve with cilantro and cherry tomatoes / 500 g
Pasta with salmon and shrimp 225 ₴
Tagliatelle with cuttlefish ink, slices of fried salmon and tiger shrimp tails in sweet cream sauce / 250 g
Veal rice noodles 239 ₴
With vegetables, garlic and garlic chili paste cooked in wok in sesame oil, with soy and oyster sauces / 300 g
Rizotto 315 ₴
With smoked eel, parmesan, unagi sauce and sesame seeds / 230 g
Risotted zuckini with shrimps 265 ₴
Cooked in a creamy sauce with parmesan cheese / 230 g
Thai rice 175 ₴
Cooked in wok with chicken and vegetables / 300 g