Actual updates on the Me-Menu service

If your goal is to improve the quality of service for guests of your establishment and optimize the work of staff, then we have the same goals!

Me-Menu is an interactive QR menu service for restaurants, hotels, cafes, and shops. We provide a free opportunity for your business to reach a new level of interaction with clients.

Now you can create a full interactive menu with your dishes and drinks, and easily manage the menu at any moment. On top of that, we constantly offer new additional options and upgrade them.

Our latest updates:

  1. We’ve upgraded the personal account. The new version is more convenient and functional. There is a menu list, venue’s description, and numerous profile settings.
  2. We’ve added the function of previewing the menu page. With this function, you’ll immediately see how the menu looks after the visitor scans the QR code. You can also change the menu background and the ''View menu'' button text to your liking.
  3. We’ve added the function of integrating your logo into the QR code. We’ve also added templates for printing and we are working on developing and adding new templates.
  4. We’ve established the mechanism that gathers feedback in 2 directions. You will receive feedback about your venue and specific dish.
  5. We’ve implemented the function of Wi-Fi password sharing. Now guests can easily access the Internet.
  6. We’ve updated delivery settings. You can arrange delivery and set options for it.
  7. We’ve implemented Fondy. Now your clients can pay bills through this payment system.
  8. We’ve integrated the booking function. Your guests can reserve a table or a place in your establishment.
  9. We’ve added management options. Add, edit, and manage tables and staff.
  10. We’ve added the option to integrate social networks and messengers. Now you can add links to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram.

Another important benefit: you can connect the review system to your PDF menu by activating the corresponding function. Recommended: this is a very effective tool for improving the interaction with your guests.

Join us and follow the news, and we will put the effort into providing you with convenient service and even exceed your expectations!