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Meat and bird

Turkey steak with spinet cusus 235 ₴
Juicy sous-vide turkey fillet, fried in josper, on a pillow of couscous and stewed fresh spinach / 200/100 g
Crispy chicken in unagi sauce 275 ₴
Served with baked carrots and fresh salad / 1/2 pcs.
Duck in plum sauce 445 ₴
Sliced duck in a crispy breading and plum sauce / 1/2 pc.
The karn of the lamb 370 ₴
Rack of young lamb with a crust of parmesan. serve with carrot mousse and fresh pomegranate / 250/50 g
Ribeye steak 386 ₴
Aged beef steak, 160 days of grain fattening and 21 days of wet aging. recommended roasting medium. serve with fried potatoes and bbq sauce * cost is per 100 g of wet weight. minimum steak weight 450 g / 100 g
Tomahawk steak with kimchi puree 145 ₴
Ukrainian ribeye steak on the bone, cooked in a josper. serve with spicy kimchi puree and bbq sauce * price is per 100 g of fresh weight. minimum steak weight 550 g / 100/50 g
File-minion 395 ₴
Steak from the softest part of beef. served with risotto potatoes and mushrooms in creamy parmesan sauce / 180/110 g
Young calve fillet 198 ₴
Tender loin of a young calf. serve with signature wine-blackberry sauce * the price is per 100 g of fresh weight / 100/30 g