Terrace. sea view


Gold with potatoes 125 ₴
Potatoes fried to a golden crust with a sprat of small salt, pickled red onion and homemade vegetable oil / 100/150 g
Burrata di bufalo 265 ₴
Delicate cream cheese with caramelized cherry, pesto sauce and dehydrated olives / 250 g
Bruschetta with salmon 185 ₴
With philadelphia cheese, red onion, crispy arugula, red caviar and tobiko / 4 pcs.
Bruscetta on the heat bread with brezaol and cooked pepper musse 127 ₴
3 pcs
Bruschetta with fresh veal in herbs and parmesan slices 127 ₴
/ 3 pcs
Humus with dried tomatoes 125 ₴
Spicy oriental appetizer with the addition of dried tomatoes. served with aromatic pita / 170 g / 1 pc.
Pike caviar 260 ₴
Chilled pike caviar with crispy toasts and butter / 50/30/40 g
Sevice from sebas 255 ₴
Marinated in coconut milk with chili and lime juice / 120 g
Gravlax from salmon 225 ₴
Tender slices of salmon marinated in young beets with zest of orange, salt, sugar and coriander seeds. serve with lime philadelphia and arugula / 150 g
Veal carpaccio 256 ₴
Veal slices marinated in aromatic herbs with spiced oil. served with parmesan cheese and crispy arugula / 150 g